Open allianCE for iot stANDard

What is OCEAN?

What is OCEAN?
OCEAN (Open alliance for IoT standards) is a global partnership based on open source and IoT standards.
OCEAN aims to promote the development and commercialization of IoT platforms, products, and services by
widespread adoption of IoT standards-compliant open source.

OCEAN is responsible for releasing the source code for IoT standards as open source and helping companies
including SMEs collaborate each other and create new innovative IoT products and services under the global
partnership, finally establishing a global IoT ecosystem.

Who could be an OCEAN member?
Companies and organizations interested in being an OCEAN member can visit the OCEAN membership page and
submit a request. The OCEAN membership is free. The OCEAN members are free to download, modify, and
redistribute the source code and binaries under the OCEAN license terms and conditions, i.e., 3-clause BSD open
source license. Currently, oneM2M specifications-compliant software, source code, and supplements are available,
and they will be constantly updated on the newly-released oneM2M standards. Support for other various IoT
standards is also an important mission of the OCEAN. The OCEAN IPR policy is subject to the policies of the
reference standards.

Joining process and entry requirements