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Inquiry About acpi of ContentInstance
Kei Nomoto | 2018-04-23 14:08 | Views 2302 | New
In OCEAN, ContentInstance resource has the acpi attribute.

When I tried to retrieve ContentInstance with acpi set up, acpi has been presented as following.
  "pi": "r1Ntrt1puM",
  "ty": 4,
  "ct": "20180419T015845",
  "ri": "BkVaRvdH2M",
  "rn": "4-20180419015845137lswM",
  "lt": "20180419T015845",
  "et": "20210419T015845",
  "st": 6,
  "cs": 4,
  "cnf": "application/text",
  "cr": "S20180307030000072r08R",
  "con": "34.0" 

However, in the specification of oneM2M, ContentInstance doesn't have the attribute of acpi.
 -> Please refer to clause 9.6.7 in TS-0001.

The behavior that acpi can set to ContentInstance is not compliant with the specification.
What are your thoughts on that?

I am looking forward to your reply.