A global alliance based on open source and IoT standards

OCEAN's aim is to share the open source developed based on IoT standards and to promote the development and
commercialization of diverse IoT services.

openMobius® &CUBE® Release

openMobius® is an IoT service platform complying with globally-accepted,
widely-used IoT standards, i.e., oneM2M specifications.
&CUBE® is a device software platform, i.e., a middleware and designed to
serve as the oneM2M specs-defined platforms for IoT gateways and devices.
The source code for the openMobius® and &CUBE® is now available.

3-claus BSD-style license

Free to use and modify the source code provided.
Read the license terms and conditions for more details.

Membership application

The OCEAN services including downloading
source codes are provided for free under
the OCEAN membership.
In principle, the OCEAN membership is
permitted only to a person affiliated to a
company or organization.


You can download the source code and
documents of the standard IoT server
platform, openMobius® and IoT device
platform, &Cube®.


All OCEAN members are encouraged to
publish and share their developments
based on the OCEAN's open sources for
further collaboration.


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